Get Started

If after reading through the Who Should Use Fisch Financial? blog post (and perhaps other parts of the website), you want to discuss working with me, please contact me and we’ll get started. Here’s the general process we’ll go through.

    1. I’ll ask you for a fair amount of financial information via a google doc. This information will not include account numbers, but will include names of institutions, balances and any on-going contributions/payments, and other relevant details. This is just to give me a general idea of your financial situation. If your finances are fairly organized, this will maybe take an hour or so. If not, it could take days :-). Then I typically send you another google doc with a list of follow up questions. Once you’ve answered those, I then develop a document to guide our discussion.
    2. We’ll set up a time to meet virtually via Zoom (typically 90 minutes to 2 hours). We will use the discussion document to guide our discussion and then develop some possible ideas of next steps for you.
    3. If you’re feeling good at that point, that’s it. If not, we can continue to trade emails or have additional follow up zooms to discuss additional issues.

This is the general process but, because each person/family and their situation is unique, the process is flexible and will adjust to what works best for you.