Do You Know a First Year Medical or Dental Student?

While this blog is primarily for educators, that doesn’t mean other people don’t read it (I hope?). And all those educators have friends, families, co-workers and former students who they can share information with. So I’m hoping that this post reaches at least one person who can take advantage of it.

If you know a first year medical or dental student, please encourage them to become a financial “champion” for their medical/dental class by signing up to be a White Coat Investor Class Champion. Dr. Jim Dahle, who runs The White Coat Investor, gives away free copies of his book, The White Coat Investor’s Guide for Students. His goal is to give away a free copy of this book to every first year medical and dental student in the United States (and he apparently reached about 70% last year). Basically, they are looking for one first year student at every medical and dental school in the U.S. to be a “champion” for their medical/dental school class. All that means is that they will ship you free books for everyone in your class and you get to hand them out. There’s no cost to you (plus you get a free book), and it would make a significant difference in the financial lives of everyone in the class. (The reason they do it this way is that it would be much more expensive to ship books individually to each student. This way they can send one box of books per school.)

wci book

Note on the signup page that there is a list of schools who already have a champion for this year. If the student you know goes to one of them, they can’t sign up, but they should be on the lookout to receive their copy of the book. If their school isn’t on the list, they should sign up! The deadline for signing up for this year’s class is March 17, 2023. (And presumably the link will then redirect to next year’s class, and so on, for as long as they do this.)

I think this is a great program and all medical/dental students should try to take advantage of it. It will likely make a huge difference in their lives, which will then allow them to make an even bigger difference in all of our lives. If you know a medical or dental student who is past their first year, ask them if they have the book and, if not, you could always just purchase one for them!

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