Investing, Volatility and Asset Allocation

I've written a bit before about investing, volatility and asset allocation (here, here, and here, as well as in my books). Individual circumstances matter a lot, including - but not limited to - your goals, your risk tolerance and your investment horizon. But, in general, I think that many people are not invested enough in … Continue reading Investing, Volatility and Asset Allocation

What’s In My Portfolio?

A while back I read How I Invest My Money, a fairly short book that is comprised of 25 financial "experts" describing how they invest their money. It was interesting to see the different perspectives and rationales, so I thought it might be helpful (to somebody?) if I shared my1 portfolio. I look at our … Continue reading What’s In My Portfolio?

Are Target Date Funds The Best Choice for Educators?

One of the most helpful innovations in both investing and retirement planning has been the Target Date Fund. If you're not a familiar, a Target Date Fund is one investment that allows you to pick the date at which you anticipate needing your money (typically when you expect to retire), and the fund is setup … Continue reading Are Target Date Funds The Best Choice for Educators?