Redesigning Your Life Map

I just re-listened to this episode of the Best New Ideas in Money Podcast, titled Redesigning Your Life Map. I think it's worth 25 minutes of your time, both from a financial literacy perspective and from just a general life satisfaction perspective. You really need to listen to it to get the full context, but … Continue reading Redesigning Your Life Map

More on Purchasing Service Credit

I’ve written before about purchasing service credit, but I wanted to dive in a bit more here. Note that the following is specific to Colorado PERA and uses Littleton Public Schools’ 2021-22 salary schedule for reference. Having said that, the same logic will generally apply to almost all pension systems, although the details will be … Continue reading More on Purchasing Service Credit

Do You Feel Lucky?

Whenever the topic of investing comes up with teachers (and other folks, but most of my experience is with teachers), two common obstacles often appear: fear and overconfidence. While these obstacles are on opposite ends of a spectrum they both can be very damaging. Let's take a brief look. Fear Probably the more common of … Continue reading Do You Feel Lucky?