Inherited IRAs and the Sidedoor 401k/403b/457b/IRA/HSA

Recently I’ve suggested to two different people something they might want to consider regarding an IRA they have inherited from a parent. While this strategy seems pretty straightforward to me, it was very much a surprise to them so I thought it might be worth a quick blog post (well, "quick" for me :-). This … Continue reading Inherited IRAs and the Sidedoor 401k/403b/457b/IRA/HSA

Some Notable Retirement Account Changes

Last week Congress passed - and the President signed - the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 (pdf). This is the huge omnibus spending bill that funds the government, but also includes many changes to retirement accounts that were originally knows as the Secure Act 2.0. Jeffrey Levine does his usual wonderful, incredibly in-depth job of … Continue reading Some Notable Retirement Account Changes