Taking Another Look at T-Bills

I've written before about some ways we have tried to have our savings keep up with (or at least close to) inflation. One thing I didn't list was bond mutual funds, which often are considered a fairly safe place to put money that will typically earn better-than-a-savings-account yields. That's because at the time of that … Continue reading Taking Another Look at T-Bills

What’s In My Portfolio?

A while back I read How I Invest My Money, a fairly short book that is comprised of 25 financial "experts" describing how they invest their money. It was interesting to see the different perspectives and rationales, so I thought it might be helpful (to somebody?) if I shared my1 portfolio. I look at our … Continue reading What’s In My Portfolio?

How to Help Your Savings Keep Up with Inflation

Most people have a savings account. Sometimes folks have that savings split into different "buckets", perhaps money set aside for future specific purchases (a car, a new furnace), for contingencies (car repairs, an appliance breaks), or more generally as "emergency savings". By its nature, "savings" is different than "investments", because you generally want to take … Continue reading How to Help Your Savings Keep Up with Inflation